Poynting XPOL-10 690 - 2700 MHZ Cross Polarized LTE Desktop Antenna

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  • Futureproof wideband LTE antenna
  • Backwards compatible with 3G and 2G technologies
  • Two antennas in one enclosure for optimal LTE performance
  • Highly portable
  • Increased connectivity stability
  • Quick and compact setup

Product Overview

Poynting's LTE desktop antenna is an aesthetically pleasing, svelte unit that gives the punch of much bigger chunky antennas. This mobile broadband antenna ensures a strong 2G, 3G or 4G/LTE connection and fast transfer speeds for your mobile broadband modem or router.This cross polarized antenna enables MiMo connectivity across a huge frequency range and is ideal for use at a single location, or to provide connectivity on the move. it incorporates two separately fed ultra wideband elements in a single housing that is highly portable.Use the incorporated stand to put in your desk, hang it on to your laptop screen or stick it onto a window.If your wireless broadband speed is slow or dropping out, this desk antenna is the ideal solution for a quick and compact setup.


  • Medium gain omni-directional antenna
  • Wideband - covers wide frequency band
  • Window, laptop and desktop mounting
  • Portable desktop antenna
  • Lightweight
  • Two antennas in one enclosure

Application areas

  • Urban and rural areas
  • On-the-go: Highly Portable
  • Poor data signal reception (indoor or outdoor)
  • Slow data transmission connection
  • Unstable connection
  • Increase system transmission reliability
  • LTE fringe areas (close to an LTE area, but just out of reach)
  • Network operator flexibility - as the antennas is wideband, a new antenna is not needed per network operator - works on most networks