Poynting Omni 0291 Antenna

Poynting OMNI 0291-V2 Marine Multiband Antenna

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  • High-Performance Omni Directional Marine Antenna
  • Easy mounting with feed through 1-inch marine standard adapter bracket included
  • Robust and All-weather proof for harsh conditions at sea
  • Various 316 Stainless Steel mounting brackets available optionally
  • UV and Saltwater protected against tempestuous weather conditions.


Product Overview:

The OMNI-291 is a unique new design with improved electrical performance and using a standard 1 inch marine mount. The ultra-wide band covers all contemporary LTE operating frequencies with excellent balanced gain across all frequencies. Higher frequencies are not compromised and the antenna design allows Poynting to have superior pattern control over the entire frequency range making the OMNI-291 a true high performance omni-directional antenna. Usable in all parts of the world, the OMNI-291 guarantees signal reception almost everywhere. Poynting Antennas achieves this through new antenna configuration using multiple dipoles and a unique (patented)
feed network.

The antenna is future proof as it covers the 450 MHz LTE frequency getting more an more popular in various regions and countries!



  • Medium gain omni-directional antenna
  • The antenna is purpose-built for marine and coastal applications
  • Lightweight
  • UV and Salt-water resistant
  • Robust and weather resistant
  • 2.4 - 2.5 GHz band can be used as Wi-Fi antenna

Application Areas

  • Marine applications / Yachts / Boats / Ferries
  • Enhanced LTE Reception
  • IoT and M2M
  • Poor data signal reception
  • Improve data transmission connection reliability & stability
  • Wi-Fi Applications