A-MIMO-0001-03 Poynting WiFi Antenna

Poynting MIMO-01-03 WiFi Antenna

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  • MIMO future proof high performance multi frequency antenna
  • 2 x MiMo Wi-Fi dual band
  • Robust antenna
  • Vandal and water resistant
  • Increased connectivity stability
  • Machine-to-machine applications

Product Overview

The MIMO-01-03 incorporates two antennas in a single rugged low profile antenna housing. Two dual band Wi-Fi antennas give blistering speeds at both 2.4 and 5 GHz and full MIMO advantage.

The antenna exceeds the performance of most competitors due to the care of attention to radiation patterns of all radiators. An excellent compromise between omnidirectionality, pattern diversity and good radiation at low (horizontal) angles is achieved. Main applications are for industrial vehicles, M2M and other IoT using a range of radio technologies.


  • Advanced antenna engineering with exceptional radiation pattern and gain
  • Cleverly designed decorrelated antennas give superior MIMO performance in Wi-Fi and cellular bands
  • Above features maintained from 2400MHz to 5800MHz in relevant bands
  • Careful mechanical design provides ruggedness, water and corrosion resistance

Application areas

  • Wi-Fi internet on busses, trains etc
  • Linking public vehicles to data networks
  • Trucks, tractors and other industrial vehicles for control and communications
  • M2M to ATMs, vending machines, modems, smart meters, industrial enclosures
  • Asset tracking (containers etc)