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Poynting BRKT-16 Universal Cast Swivel Bracket Mount

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A cast aluminum ADC12 swivel bracket designed for pole or wall mount of the XPOL-2, XPOL-6, PATCH-25, PATCH-26, and other antennas.

Poynting BRKT-016
Universal Cast Swivel Bracket

Mechanical Specifications
U-shape base dimensions (L x W): 78 x 77.5mm
Square base dimensions (L x W): 77.6 x 77.3mm
Connector rod dimensions (L x W): 120 x 16mm
Packaged Dimensions (L x W x D): 4″ x 5″ x 5″
Total Weight: 11 oz
Packaged Weight: 11.5 oz
Material: Cast Aluminium ADC12
Process: Cast Item
Surface finish: Die Cast 1.6 – 0.8 μm

Product Box Contents
Product: A-BRKT-016
M6x60mm U-bolt ss 2
M6 Nuts (SS): 4
M6 nylock nut ss: 2
M6 flat washer ss: 6
M6x25mm hex bolt ss: 2

Certification Approvals and Standards
Flammability rating: UL:1581
Salt spray: MIL-STD810F/ASTM B117
Product Safety: Complies with UL, CE, EN, CSA and IEC standards