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IOIOBox :: Bantam -  Specification Sheet

The IOIOBox - Bantam has all the same great features as the Original PLUS:

38% Smaller! With a standard capacity of 6U, this enclosure can be upgraded to support up to 22U~ with the addition of rear and lower rack rails. 

Overall Dimensions: 28.5”H x 26”W x 21”D (See datasheet for more dimension details)

Materials and Manufacturing

IOIOBox is proudly produced with American sourced aluminum, right here in Oregon. Built with all industrial materials, IOIOBox is durable, making it the ideal enclosure in all types of environments; and it is lightweight, giving you the flexibility of being a one-man crew. This enclosure was engineered to minimize weld points by maximizing bent metal, top that off with heavy grade stainless steel latches and hinges, and we can promise this will be the last enclosure you'll ever have to buy.

1U Rackmounts

IOIOBoxes are shipped with the standard 19" 1u dual racks, but they're completely removable. In addition to the 6U standard capacity, additional racks can be installed on the mounting studs in the rear of the box, and the lower battery compartment creating a total of 22U~ rackable space. 

We expect this box to last, you should too. So, racks are made utilizing square hole mount points and orders come with enough cage nuts to fill it. Never fear a stripped thread again. "Cage Nuts! What's with your crusade against my fingers!" - No, no, no, like we've said before, we know the struggle. So, all orders include a Cage Nut Tool, keep them fingers at manicure level, fresh to death!

Removable Dividing Shelf

A fully removable dividing shelf splits the enclosure in two allowing for the separation of necessary equipment. We've got more passthrough options than your standard enclosure, with 5 in total. Safe to say, you can run the cable "exactly how you'd like." 

Over-sized Battery Capacity (22.5"D x 18.9"W)

The lower compartment is designed to hold enough DC batteries to support your entire site through even the longest of power outages. It's separated from the upper compartment for added safety. A 1/2" grounding rod built into the enclosure maximizes the possibility of arresting surges of all kinds.

Full Service Access

That's right! No more dropping screws in the bottom and performing endless finger pilates to retrieve it. Our doors span the entire surface of the enclosure, swing wide open, and completely detach to provide easy access on opposite sides.

Weather Proofed

Simply put, weather ain't got jack on this box. Put it anywhere, it'll be fine. We promise. With upgraded seals along every door for all those looking for an airtight solution. *cough*grain-elevator*cough*

Customizable Cable Access

Fully customizable, the cable ingress/egress port is cut to fit the RoxTech 16 Port EzEntry, for a premium cable management solution. Or for a back to basics approach, all IOIOBoxes come with the traditional cable glands. 

Ventilation, Heating, and Cooling

We've finally brought you an enclosure for all environments. No more buying enclosure A for our outdoor hot sites, and enclosure B for our indoor sites, or enclosure C for our dusty sites. One enclosure solves it all, the IOIOBox. 

We've designed several different doors, all interchangeable to adapt to each install. The standard door has two hoods and vents for sites with good air flow. This can be beefed up with the addition of the PowerVent Kit, available in both 24v and 48v, to really maximize your air exchange. 

When you opt for the AC300 or AC600 Doors, you'll get a 300W or 600W Air Conditioning unit capable of cooling and heating the enclosure. All doors are finished off with seals for an air tight fit so your enclosure can keep pest and dust free. 

If you're in need of just a heating solution, we've got the optional Heater Kit that mounts to any DIN rail.


Every door is outfit with a three-contact-point lock and latch. The spring actuating handle is rugged, with a pad-lock shackle, and locking cam including keys. If latches were something people drooled over.... just sayin'. 

Accessory :: Steel Mount Kit

Available separately, the Steel Mount Kit is designed to accept a large array of configurations, including steel straps, u-bolts, and lags. See datasheet for more details. Compatible with both IOIOBox Original and IOIOBox Bantam

Accessory :: Din Rail Kit

Since our front door is lined with mounting studs for all kinds of uses, we figured one of them better be a DIN Rail. You can add a DIN Rail Kit to any order to get a perfectly sized DIN Rail for your enclosure, Original or Bantam. 

Designed to Allow Modification

The IOIOBox comes standard ready to use but was also designed to easily accept modifications to accommodate your unique needs. Being made from aluminum rather than steel, drilling and cutting your modifications is a cinch.

IOIOBox :: Bantam - Specification Sheet