Hytera PD982i portable digital radio

Hytera PD982i portable digital radio

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Professional and versatile, the Hytera PD982i is the ultimate portable digital radio. Offering a range of advanced features and an exceptional audio experience, the PD982i can be utilized in all working environments, playing an integral role in your communications network.


Micro SD Card. PD982i uses micro DS storage technology to allow recording and storage of critical voice calls or data transmissions. PD982i supports maximum 32G micro SD card, to record up to 576 hours digital/ analog voice

Single Frequency Repeater Mode 02 Micro SD Card Using interference cancellation technique, PD982i can use one slot to receive signal and another slot to transmit it on the same frequency at the same time, extending communications distance in DMO mode.

Bluetooth 4.0 PD982i has built in Bluetooth 4.0, which not only supports audio transmission, but also allows data transmission, such as programming via Bluetooth etc.

Full Duplex Call PD982i can make full duplex calls with other PD982i, telephones or cellphones.

RTC Clock RTC clock feature allows customers to check the accurate time of received message and call.

Smart Battery Compared with PD782i, PD982i support smart battery, which makes it easier to monitor the battery status, such as battery life time and remaining charge time by smart battery charge. This also reduces the charging time dramatically.