Hytera PD782i UL913 full-keypad digital portable radio

Hytera PD782i UL913 full-keypad digital portable radio

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The Hytera PD782i UL913 full-keypad digital portable radio offers a vast array of functionality and innovative features, with remarkably high quality for reliable and secure communications. The UL913 rating makes it a must for utilities, factories, oil & gas, and other environments.

Data Features The PD782i Supports data capabilities of sending Private and Group text messages. It also supports a Third Party to control the radio via Third party API (GPS, Radio Registration Services, Radio Call Control, Telemetry, Data Transfer), via Telemetry control to radio.

Various Analog Signaling Types The PD7i Series UL913 is capable of various analog signaling types such as HDC1200, DTMF Encode (PD782i), 2-Tone, and 5- Tone, various squelch control types (CTCSS / CDCSS), providing higher functionality in analog mode.

Versatile Voice Calls The intelligent signaling of the PD7i Series UL913 radios support various voice call types, including Private Call, Group Call , All Call and Emergency Call.

Scan The PD7i Series UL913 is capable of scanning analog voice and signaling, as well as digital voice and data. These radios are also capable of mix mode scanning which monitors analog and digital channels. 

GPS Positioning The PD782iG supports viewing of GPS positioning information and sending of GPS text message.

Optimized Pushed to talk Optimized Push-to-talk: It allows a radio to set up audio buffer and store what the user speaks before the call is established. Then it sends the stored audio together with the coming real-time audio after the call is established. Therefore, users can talk right after pressing PTT without waiting for the “go-ahead tone’’. This feature also enhances the handover function without dropping communications in Tier III system during sites switch.