Northwest Towers installs rapid-deployment, highly mobile wireless networks to connect temporary hospitals during COVID-19 global crisis

A revolution in emergency service communications.

The recent spread of Covid-19 caught most businesses and organizations by surprise. NW Towers unknowingly prepared for such an event with the creation of Project Shepherd.

Cities and organizations invest millions of dollars into emergency preparedness in the form of Food Storage, Evacuation Plans, Emergency Personnel, Back-Up Generators, etc.

When asked what type of Emergency preparedness they have for Critical Communications like 2-way radios, Wifi, and Personnel and asset tracking, most come up empty-handed.

First Responders and Governments need wireless connectivity for mission-critical communications.

With it, you can check medical records, track people in the field, upload updated situation reports, communicate with the chain of command and make real-time decisions.

What is Project Shepherd?

Project Shepherd is a resilient wireless mesh network that can be rapidly deployed and easily grown by simply adding additional nodes. This easy-to-use mesh network can be enhanced with our rapid deployable self-contained mobile infrastructure; such as our solar-powered Communications Trailers. You can have a mission critical network anywhere, anytime, deployed in minutes. 

Project Shepherd is Emergency Preparedness in Wireless form

Project Shepherd: Rapidly deployable emergency communications

We originally developed this turnkey solution for emergency situations that require quickly deployable, secure & reliable wireless connectivity. We considered the needs of Incident Command for events like search & rescue, wild land fire, catastrophic weather and other major incidents.

As the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, Northwest Towers  immediately recognized how Project Shepherd can empower mobile hospitals with a wireless network that can be deployed in minutes and can cover tens of square miles with no dependency on local infrastructure. For Further Information about Project Shepherd and Northwest Towers, contact us using the form below, or write, or call (503)548-2005.